What’s your world view?

I sit in a trailer, near one of the vast Great Lakes, and I contemplate the singular experiential view of humans. In these early hours, this is the theory that I birthed.

First, there is the view the general population holds throughout their lifetime. It is the view of the horizon. They see where earth meets sky in a panoramic view like staring out of a car window. They are the materialists, counting their belongings, and securing their place in the world at this moment in time and place. They discuss people, and mire themselves in gossip, and entangle themselves in the multiplexity of relationships.

Second, there are the pessimists, whose downcast view of dirt, pebbles, and mud only affords the ability to see the worst in the world, in themselves, and others. Granted, along that view, they can see rivers, and streams, and a multitude of creatures that crawl and inhabit the earth. There is still beauty there, but also decomposition. There is often little hope, and they suffer greatly from their inability to look up, to see their blessings, and the doting, loving faces of those that surround them.

Third, there are the artists, the writers, the dreamers, the spiritualists, and the intellectuals. They can see the heavens, the horizon, and the dirty pebbles beneath their feet. They see the whole of humanity, the past and future, fusing and beating into one streamlined narrative of humanity. They know and participate in the interactions of all, but aren’t tightly bound by the perceptions and feelings of others. They are the recorders, and movers of our time.

Finally, and lastly, there are the geniuses, and the disturbed. For these two go hand and hand. They see all; past, present, future, the cosmos unravelling. A 360-degree view of everything, as close to the sublimity of God, or the devil, that a homo sapien dare to see. They are the madmen, the madwoman, who belong to neither earth, nor heaven. The revolutionaries that propel the whole of us forward, or backward through their ideologies. This worldview is often too great for them, they falter, and succumb to self-serving depravity. Or, if they don’t lose themselves in the vastness, they are the light bearers of generations.

Which are you? The materialist, the pessimist, the dreamer, or the madman?