Tap, tap, tapping

There’s a tap, tap, tapping in my skull. I can’t seem to rebuke it into silence.

I started this blog to expunge the words that gather like omnipotent storm clouds in my soul’s mind.

That was some four years ago. I started a writer’s journey filled with much hope, like all journey stories begin.

I armed myself with the limited supplies and skills taht I thought I would need on the journey. But, this is a long, arduous trek, and I’ve needed mores supplies and skills than I anticipated at the outset. I’m acquiring these lustfully around every valley, mountain and body of water I traverse.

What has not abated, but in fact, has inflated, is the necessity to write. The impassioned ache to unleash my words and stories from the confines of the gray maze that my skull harbors.

This entry is one of those volleys. A catharsis to bleed out the bad humor of monotony, mediocrity, and banality.

So, I drum along to the tap, tap, tapping in my skull, humming to the beat of my writer’s pilgrimage footfalls.