2020 has been a topsy turvy year. A year for a whole book series. Dystopian, frightening, fraught with dangers everywhere.

I’ve remained silent on this blog because in the midst of the chaos of 2020, I haven’t had a chance to get my bearings.

Everyone has an opinion. Either far left, far right, Black Lives Matter, conspiracies about Covid19, commentators attacking Fauci, commentators attacking Trump, and ect., etc., etc.,

My Facebook feed looks like a bipolar ping pong game in psychedelic colors.

All I can think about is that somewhere we have lost our common sense. Long before 2020. We’ve lost that and our decency, and our ability to listen to each other.

I think it started a few decades prior to 2020 when news became a spectator sport, everything became commentary and the loudest person won the argument. I remember learning the proper rules of debate twenty-eight years ago in high school and watching it devolve in televised news.

I prayed about it and thought about it, and the bottom line is, I can’t stay quiet any longer.

Silence is safe. And, I have been playing it safe because my whole life I’ve been taught it is easier to keep my mouth shut rather than offend someone or stir a smelly pot.

But, silence is no longer an option. Breaking my silence doesn’t mean roaring my stance from the mountain tops, or behaving like a capricious toddler, but it means I need to express my desire for common sense, decency, and the ability to listen.

I think we’ve lost that as a society, or perhaps we never had it to begin with. It takes specific training and a deep sense of compassion to listen to another human being without interrupting them, correcting them, or even more common, preparing your rebuttal before the person has had a chance to say their piece.

Everyone has a voice, experiences, and a valid point of view. So, please, listen. Listen without waiting to respond with your more knowledgeable point of you. Listen without judgement. Listen for the person’s story. Listen to another’s viewpoint.

Just listen.


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