It’s just too much news.

We live in the information age. The pros and cons of that reality number in the hundreds.

Right now…it’s just too much news.

There is an addictive quality to it.  That rush of fear and adrenaline that gets the blood boiling and the synapsis firing – like a prolonged roller coaster ride.

And, every time I read something, my intellectual teacher brain wants to go into triage mode and  fix it or console a stranger who is suffering from miles away.

There is no fixing this. I am not one of the people in charge to do so, I am just a sidelined teacher-writer trying to homeschool her kids. And, there is no hug that can stop the pandemic – actually not hugging slows it down. The best we can do is control what is within ours spheres – our family and our community.

I’m limiting my social media and access to news. Social media once a day and news in the evening. The rest will sort itself out without my views and opinions.

Until then, I shelter in place as much as I can with anxiety filled grocery store runs peppered throughout the week.

I read, I write, I homeschool, I pray, I mediate, I hike, I exercise, I binge Netflix – it isn’t a terrible existence, especially for an ambivert.

I’ll hold my ship steady just as long as I don’t poison myself with too much news.



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