Humbled and Broken

Over my years I have developed a personal theory that the universe wants us all humbled and broken. To throw us so far off our horse that we land squarely in the dip of the surrounding muck.

I’ve been thrown from my horse often enough and been among the company of the fallen that I know the pain, the twist, the humility of realizing that I know nothing. Just like John Snow.

Right now I think the whole planet is learning the harsh reality of humility. Our societies have come to a grinding halt over a virus that none of us have control over.

Our illusion of the mechanisms of control that have kept our societies churning have ground to a halt by something ingeniously designed by nature – the virus.

And, we can argue that it was genetically modified (thanks conspiracy theorist), but it is still a virulent virus.

It has rocked the United States, where we still haven’t witnessed the worst of the sickness, and Europe is the new epicenter.

In the midst of all of it we’ve seen the best and worst of humanity from hoarding in the U.S., to choral singing from the balconies of Italy.

We are learning humility, and grace.

I only pray that the brokenness isn’t irreversible and in the cacophony of this global crisis that we play the more beautiful tunes of humanity and not the worst ones.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay sane.

God Bless.


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