The Illness – #Covid19Lifestyle

This isn’t going to be a blog about how I suffered from the illness and it’s mild to moderate symptoms, nor how I am in quarantined locked down in Italy or Spain. This isn’t a recap of the current news.

This is my plan on how to deal with this first pandemic of the 21st century.

The hardest part is still stay positive. Am I scared of contracting the virus? Surprisingly no. That is how I know my hypochondria is subsiding. I know that if I do get the illness, I will survive it. I have a strong immune system and my only underlying health issues are occasional heart palpitations and a hormonal imbalance. I’m not in the dangerous categories who are the most affected by Covid19: high blood pressure, underlying heart condition, auto-immune disorder, diabetes, COPD, elderly, etc. I am healthier now nearing my 45th year than I have been in the past ten. That includes mental and physical health. I will be okay. My children will also thankfully be okay if they become will with Covid19.

Stress is a killer. We need to avoid anxiety and debilitating fear at all costs right now. We need informed, calm decision making. During this fearful time in world history, I plan on only posting positive thoughts, memes, messages, and inspirations.

Yes, the person with an anxiety disorder and panic attack disorder is working toward that. How am I going to do that? I am going to focus on these goals during my work hiatus.

  1. Exercise daily.
  2.  Hike once a week.
  3.  Write for two hours a day.
  4.  Do some aweomse activities with my kids at home.
  5.  Catch up on all the deep cleaning and projects I have around the house.

My goal is to stay positive. To use this new #Covid19lifestyle toward making positive changes for me and my family.

We need to see the silver lining, all the things possible when we are made to slow down, self-reflect and focus on what is most important in life: mental and physical health, quality family time and staying positive.

I KNOW humanity will survive this and it will be a point in history a vast majority of us will look upon and recount to younger generations.

I plan on recounting how positive I remained in the face of fear. How I used my time to be productive and courageous, not fearful and paranoid.

My posts from here on out during this pandemic and its subsequent restrictions and quarantines is how I am using this time productively in my new and short term Covid19 lifestyle.

How will you live during these times? What is your #Covid19lifestyle?



P.S. I wrote the word positive six times.  Now seven. This has to be my approach. If it isn’t I wills slip down into my own anxiety and depression. And, I’m familiar with the feel of that pit and I refuse to return. God bless you all!



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