The Keys to the Kingdom

There’s this crazy unexpected journey I have embarked upon over the past five months. One that was sorely needed but greatly avoided.

It’s the path of psychotherapy, the rendering of one’s soul in a dynamic and forceful exploration to heal it.

Simultaneously, I decided to buy the book Man and His Symbols written by Carl Jung and his associates.  I ordered the book in hopes of understanding the innate archetypes that proliferate the human psyche across generations and cultures. Little did I know that this book would pair exactly with my therapy.

There are no coincidences and I feel and know that God put this book and my therapist together at this point in time in my life to heal me from my traumas. Those traumas that have suckled my anxiety and depression.

It’s been one hell of a difficult, and revelatory journey thus far. But, I feel like I have finally been given the keys to the kingdom.

As I read this book, I am beginning to understand the power of my own subconscious and the inexplicable grip that it has on everyone’s life. I am also discovering that what I instinctually felt to be true is empirically so and that others, highly qualified scholars, have discovered and explored these truths.

I come so far along on the path to know that I have been given the keys to a new kingdom. The keys to a deeper understanding of the human soul and psyche. I’m getting it. It’s a miraculous illuminating of a path once riddled with fear and darkness. I know now that I am not alone, and even more importantly, I am unique in the sense of I am one of the few that has dared to rip apart my soul to discover the inner sacred workings of the cogs and wheels. And in that examination, I have learned that I am not alone and that each human journeys along the same paths, avenues, and performs in their own theaters. But, the stage’s shape remains the same, the paths pebbled, and the shores teeming.

We are all complicatedly beautifully prismed beings, and now I have the keys to explore the kingdom of that landscape in new ways, where secret, sacred passages are now open to me.

It’s one remarkable and awe inspiring journey.

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