Poisoned Foundation

I’ve been living on a faulty foundation. I thought that I’d shored up all the gapping cracks and holes through years of emotional and physical abuse.

But, you’re venous words have fissured my foundation insidiously, and the poison is still seeping into the very core of my being. All aspects – heart, mind, body, and soul – quiver and waver now under the crumbling foundation

It’s time to revamp the entire foundation of who I am. The lies you’ve spread can no longer sustain me. I must heal from the venom, extract it like ivy tendrils from each aspect of who I am. In its place I must pour new patchwork.

I must recreate myself with a new set of principals, ideals, slogans, beliefs…I must reconstruct a new story.

The foundation is faltering, but there is hope in that greater materials will solidify my being, and from that solid foundation I will learn to truly live. To leap off from a solid place and fear no more.


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