Darkness at the Sea

At the beach I sit,
Ensconced in misery.
Darkness descends,
Enveloping me like a
Welcoming blanket
After a chill.

Remaining light diminishes,
The darkness deepens,
Stretching its raven wings
Over me,
Deeper and deeper,
Obsidian reigning.

I am the darkness,
The darkness is me.


Dawn returns,
Growing every lighter,
The horizon appears.

A gift from the dark,
A transformation.
Human bondage shed
Legs and feet no more.
One right, one left,
Two flippers,
Scaly and fanning.

The water beckons,
Depths breathing
My name in sighs.

I rise on alien legs,
Begging for immersion.
I stumble into the waves.

Each stroke,
Diving deeper
and deeper,
A sensing
Though the abyss
Of leviathans,
Gawking, gaping, hungering.

My monsters awaiting me.

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