The Lotus Belongs

Therapy’s gifts are revelations. Another shiny penny has been unearthed.

My subconscious has been a wicked obstacle in my life. It has done a splendid job of tripping me up from the unresolved traumatic events from my past. Therapy is throwing a surgeon’s light upon those traumas, and I can finally heal from them under the adept instruments of my therapist’s intellect, my own, and my spirituality.

The revelation that was unearthed recently was that not only am I an introvert, but I have always felt like I didn’t belong in large social gatherings. The larger, the more opulent, the more prestigious the location and people involved, the more I felt the “charlatan” by being there. The outcast who somehow conned her way into the soiree.

I’ve always felt out of place at these types of events. That feeling has escalated into anxiety. The body’s brilliant way of heralding danger…”Danger, Will Robinson, danger.” Yeah, thanks, you crazy robot.

I am a deeply spiritual person, and when these revelations come I go deep into my interior to hear God’s voice in all of it.

“Where I am, is where I belong.” It came to me. That brilliantly and beautifully simple.

A lotus flower is beautiful and revered no matter where it is rooted. It can be in a palace’s garden, or in a cheesy tourist town located a few hours north of me. It can be in a Buddhist temple in India or in a flower shop in Ohio.

No matter where the lotus blooms, it is pristine, perfect, and adored.

We are all like the lotus flower, but so much more. Wherever we are, we are adored by the Creator, loved, and we belong. Where I am, is where I belong. If it is true for a simple, elegant flower, why isn’t it true for us humans, who are infinitely more precious and amazing than a flower?

Where I am, is where I belong, just as a lotus flower is beautiful and belongs in whatever environment that sustains it, so I am beautiful and belong wherever I am at the moment.

What a stunning revelation by the Creator.

Blessings on your journeys, my fellow lotus flowers.

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