Embrace your Mythos

We are all born with a mythos grumbling inside of us the day we are born. Jung labeled them archetypes. But, they aren’t figments of an individual’s imagination.

These are agreed upon roles embedded in our subconscious passed down from generations and divinely inspired.

There comes a time in every person’s life in which these personal legends are put to the test and either we choose to embrace them and step out into the world wearing their mantel. Or, we choose to rebuff them and retreat from the world.

Either choice carries profound consequences. One is to embrace a dream, no matter how grandiose or shocking. The other is to abandon that dream to live another’s dream. This could be a parent’s, society’s, or a religion’s.

One is life. The other is death.

I’m at such a crossroads. It’s interesting. I’ve been here multiple times over my past four decades of drawing breath. I always end up in the same place. I have to embrace who and what I am and start living that inner world outwardly. The pain of the duality and the falsity of wearing masks unintended for my face are becoming too exasperating.

I can’t sustain the façade much longer. That inner creature, that warrior of light, the storyteller, and child of God, is chafing under the chains that were imposed on me since my childhood.

It’s time, I’m being told by the universe. It’s time to break the chains of fear and live the life that God intended me to live. But, this isn’t a single act. It takes courage to unravel the human soul and unearth all the fears that are polluting it’s fertile ground. It’s a long, hard journey.

So, here I stand, again, at the crux of it. It’s like I’ve been water circling the drain of a sink. Getting every closer to the true focal point of all my pain, fear, and suffering. And, now that I am the lip of the drain, I am terrified to dive in. To look into my depths and see if the mythos is true. That this mantel, this archetype, that I have hidden in my interior world, is truly meant for the exterior world. But, as I type this, I know the truth. I am what I say I am. For that is a profound human truth, we are the myth we tell ourselves we are. Now to find the strength to live it.

Down the drain I go.


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