Happy Father’s Day! and, thanks, Mom.

This isn’t that post.

It is isn’t a post of me thanking my single mom who raised me right despite not having a father around.

This post is about thanking my mom who passed away nearly four months ago.

I’m thanking my mom because her loss has now put into sharp focus that I only have my father left of the pair that made up my parents.

Life is precious. Let me rephrase that: LIFE IS PRECIOUS. Yeah, I know. I just put it in caps. But, truly, it is.

I see the precious moments I have left with my father in a renewed sense of finality. His days are numbered. They could be a day or ten years, regardless. My father is left alone, as am I. My mother, and his wife, has gone before us into the next great adventure, leaving her corporeal form behind.

Where she wanders now, we can only step forward into blind faith understanding.

So, I thank my mother, for showing me that while my father is still walking and breathing upon this earth, that I must cherish him and hold him. For life is simultaneously long and short, each moment counted as a miracle of breath and bone.

Happy Father’s Day, cherish the ones you can still wrap your arms around, and rejoice in the memory of those on their spiritual adventure. Thanks, mom.


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