How to be a Zen Rebel…

I can’t answer that question. In fact, that question has just been proffered up by my ego to my brain.

I used to have more fire in my personality. I’ve shed that feistiness for a more peaceful and compassionate approach to the world.

Granted, I still can be outspoken and profanity laden in my speech, but otherwise I often don’t speak what is on my mind. I’ve evolved into a more gentler way of approaching others.

But, I miss my old assuredness and fiery personality trait. I think I need to find a balance between the fire and water in me. I need a fiery fluidity.

The balance alludes me. It’s only after a respite from my daily chores and grind, with a few glasses of wines to lubricate my thoughts, that I find myself asking the question; How do I become a feisty Zen mistress?

How do I incorporate a gentler approach, but still have that passion that propels me to say fuck it and live life fiercely. Ferocity coupled with Gentleness. Is it even possible? Are they mutely exclusive?

I contemplate this sitting on my porch in the ebbing rays of the day. No answer. No solution. Just a dangling questions to play along my fingers over this summer.




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