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I’ve been absent from these virtual pages, not because I haven’t had things to write about, but because I have had too much to write about.

I took a hiatus from my novel writing, and enrolled in a screenwriting class. I hung up my skates, and picked up my bat. It has been a huge transition in my writing and a learning experience I am glad I spent the $300 on. But, that is a tale for another blog.

My dear friend’s cancer has returned with a wicked vengeance, and I am processing the pain of having a childhood friend on death’s doorstep. Her illness has triggered a new round of anxiety in my inner world.

My dearest, best friend is battling her own strange autoimmune reactions and is finally going to see doctors.

In the midst of life; life keeps happening. Two kids, a puppy, English teacher paperwork, baseball, gymnastics, etc.

This is my life. I try to find moments of peace. My morning yoga ritual, my morning commute listening to music, my quiet moments playing Fishdom on my phone, and occasionally stealing away with my girlfriends for dinner and a glass of wine.

But, summer is nearly here. One more week of school work and then I have eleven weeks off where I can re-dedicate myself to my writing.

I’m entering this summer with more confidence, more tools in my arsenal (thanks to the screenwriting class), and a rededication to the need and love of writing.

I’m taking the advanced screenwriting class, and I have a set of my own personal writing goals that I plan to meet this summer.

That quiet, small voice spoke to me the other day through my spirit animal that beautiful, female, white wolf. It told me to process my world through my God given talent of writing.

So, I am back upon these pages, because I need to. I need to process my pain, my joy, my journey upon these typed pages. To wring out my catharsis in front of the virtual world, like the ancient Greek tragedies of centuries before.

I have returned.


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