No bragging rights for an Empath

A recent phenomenon has hit the mainstream self-realization scene. It’s the idea that people are Empaths. It is the ability to channel other people’s emotions. But, like all things in the age of the internet, people confuse the concept. I grudgingly say I am an Empath. I’m not even sure I can even say I am an Empath, I am extremely intuitive, but saying I am an Empath makes it seems like I should have some bragging rights attached to the phenomenon. Instead, I try to disconnect myself from others emotions because they often infiltrate my everyday and disrupt my physical body.

I’ve seen people post that they are Empaths, and then post shortly after some scathing comments about others. Just because you are emotional, and experience sorry, joy, pain, anger, fear, etc on a level of a 10, does not make you an Empath. It makes you dramatic and possibly emotionally unstable.

An Empath literally feels other people’s emotions as if they are their own. So, I am grudgingly coming to the conclusion that I am an Empath, and I don’t like it. I won’t be bragging about the ability. The ability does make me a good friend. I often contact people when they need to hear from someone. I’ve been told multiple times that I have great timing when I feel I have to contact someone.

It also makes me an intuitive writer of my characters who I feel are real people somewhere adrift in the universe, and I have the unique dial to tune into their frequency.

It makes me compassionate and patient with others. So, yeah, it has wonderful qualities about it and it enriches my life. On the flip side, I carry other’s burdens often to the detriment of my own life. I can’t let go of other’s pain. And that, is not a good thing. I can feel their sorry and anguish and I want to alleviate it. But, after talking to them, after sharing my wisdom, after giving my time, my ear; I can’t let it go. I can’t leave it at the table like leftovers after I have gotten my full. I have to eat the whole plate and then feel miserable for days, because I binged on their emotions.

So yeah, there is no glory being an Empath. Sometimes I wish the ability wasn’t growing and winding within me like an unruly vine, but a gift is used for good. I know this is a gift God gave me to reach others, to be a source of light in a dark moment, or even a dark lifetime. It isn’t easy, and I am trying to find the right balance in my life. To be compassionate enough to help heal  a broken heart, but strong enough to not to be tethered their pain and bring it home.

I won’t be posting quotes about the glory of being an Empath. It’s hard, but a gift is a gift; a blessings with a curse and all.


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