Forging a new United States

We are in a difficult, tumultuous, and divisive time in the United States of America. It is the most worrisome time in my lifetime. I would say even more so than during the fear and uncertainty of 9-11.

But, a thought came to me as I walked my dog this evening. There is a massive flagpole near where I live. It is considered the largest in the state. The light shone on it, and as I took a picture of it, the street light sent its own beam of light toward it, as if God was signaling a promise. I thought that we are forging a new United States. In the midst of this great tumult and discourse, we might just be forming a new identity.

Forging is a violent and hot process. It involves great force, hammering, elevated heat and time. I am an unfailing optimist. I might flinch, cringe and despair, but my mind and soul always revolve and look to hope. Maybe all this strife, all of this heated discourse is a way that we can form a new identity, a new United States of America. I only pray that the extreme conservative right, and the unwavering liberal left learn to talk and lean in toward the center. That is where America needs to finds its future. In the middle, not on either end of a rope. A place where there is hope, a place for a new United States of America.




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