Ghostbusters Legacy

One of my most cherished memories from my childhood was my dad taking me to go see the original Ghostbusters.

It was a huge hit at the cinema and my brother had already gone to go see it with his high school friends. My dad said he would take me, but I had to wait for him to come home. As soon as I got home, I checked the newspaper for the show times for that day. Then, I waited for him to pull up in his rust colored and black topped car. I peered out the window at intervals with great anticipation. When he finally got home, I gleefully showed him the times and he changed his clothes and we were off. I remember the interior black pleather and staring at it in earnest hoping the drive wouldn’t take forever.

I don’t remember actually entering the theater. I do remember being completely engrossed in the movie and developing a massive crush on Bill Murray. I became obsessed with him and I had to see other movies that he was in afterward. Granted, the crush didn’t last long. He was markedly older than me at the time. But, it was one of those rare daddy-daughter moments where my father did something special just for me. I can count moments like that on only one hand.

It’s been thirty-two years since the release of that film. It is still quite popular and with the infamous, latest edition to the franchise helmed by a group of women, its popularity has escalated to new heights.

My son is now obsessed with the Ghostbusters. He has seen the original movie from 1984 and its 1989 sequel numerous times. He was a Ghostbuster for Halloween and has memorized the best lines from both movies. He has a Lego set of the Ecto hearse, and Lego figurines, his most cherished piece is that of his favorite character, Peter Venkman. He tells me that he loves Bill Murray. I have cultivated none of this. His passion is of his own reaping and all I can do is marvel at the legacy of Ghostbusters. I have shared my fond memory of watching the film for the first time with my dad, but my son, like most children, sees it as an unimportant footnote to his own admiration.

Like mother like son? I’m not sure. Most likely its the lasting genius of those men when they donned those suits and went after all the scary things and made it into comedy rather than horror. Brilliant, brilliant film making. I’m glad the Ghostbuster’s Legacy continues in my household without any prompting by me.


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