Mustering sympathy for Kim Kardashian: The world can be a better place


Over a week and a half ago, Kanye West literally dropped the mic on stage to attend to a family emergency. The crisis being that Kim Kardashian, his wife, had been gagged, bound and held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel. As the reporting goes, over a million dollars in jewels were stolen from her that night. Then the commentators and comedians  went to town.

Let me start off by stating the following. Remind me to not stay at her hotel if I’m ever in Paris. Of course, I’d first have to know the name of the hotel which has been dubbed the “no address hotel”. Then, I would have to be able to afford it. At most, the jewelry I’d be carrying with me would total about $1,000. And I’m cool with that. As I would prefer to save my money for other luxury ticket items. I would be…

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