Watering that Needy Plant

Something has bee nagging me. I feel a piece of me is being wasted like a flower in need of watering. The kind that sits on the windowsill forgotten during the hustle, bustle, and insanity of the day. It sits, waiting to be tended, but is lost amid the other distractions.

Distractions. We’ve so many more in the 21st century. It is at our fingertips. Every distraction available: games, reading, sex, gambling, chatting, pictures, etc. Name it, our smart phones deliver it in accelerating speeds.

In the immensity of that ocean of distractions that flower is being neglected.

So here is my plan, I will disengage from my smart phone at 7pm or 8pm. I will then engage in my family, my writing, and environment. I will be present.

It seems being in the present has become the new nirvana. I’m not the only one feeling this nagging feeling of living a life that is neglected. So many self help gurus, and experts (many on the internet) are teaching people to find that meaning in life, that reconnection to our humanity, that disengagement from distractions.

I’ve developed a bad habit of spending too much time on my smartphone, and like all bad habits they are devilishly hard to break. But, establishing new habits, are just as difficult to sustain. Just last night I told myself I would start disengaging from my smartphone, but the allure was too strong, the need too fierce to stupefy my brain like a Hogwarts spell. The smartphone does that quite well, stupefy.

I’m restarting today. I’m deciding to put aside that enticing, electronic rectangle with all its pretty lights and sexy voiced Siri, to focus on myself. I’m going to redirect that allure of stupefy to magnify. I will try to read more, write more, invest in my children more, do those tiny little household chores that add up to precarious hills on the weekends.

I will disengage, to reengage, to water that plant that is dried up and aching for water, sun, and time.


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