Back to School

One of the greatest gifts education gives teachers is the joy and promise of starting over. Every year we are given new students, sometimes new curriculum, to mold in ways that represent our best practices and personality traits.

Every year I plan something different, a new procedure that is informed by research and best practice. I hone my craft with new materials. I parade the best of my intentions like a train on its maiden voyage across the American landscape. I try, and often I fail. But, I readjust and try again.

The smell of September brings those promises much like the lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve engender retrospection and resolutions. My colleagues and I gather together in duos, trios, and small groups to discuss what worked last year, what didn’t, how we can modify to create a better classroom environment this year.

It’s a buzz of ideas, a flurry of activities, all filling the air with possibility and expectations. While parents are bemoaning supply lists, filling their planners, and celebrating the mandatory removal of their children from their homes; teachers are prepping, planning, and consorting how best to reach kids and teach them.

It’s September. Welcome back to the promise of education.


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