Back on the Writing Horse

I started my third novella in my Spirit Waters Trilogy this past Saturday. What I thought was going to be my third novella morphed into a young adult novel. Luna just wasn’t cooperative sticking to a shorter storyline, like all teenagers, she wanted her space to roam.

So, I needed a third novella to fit into my Spirit Waters thematic scope.  The characters and storyline had been ricocheting in the inside of my brain for a month until they settled into the right grooves to be able to tell their story. Here’s some of my observations as I started on this fourth extensive writing journey.

  1. Starting from the beginning, staring at a blank, virtual page on the computer was more daunting than I realized. It’s like sitting at a bar and mustering the courage to strike up a conversation with an attractive, and mysterious stranger. The courage for the approach is an entity unto itself. But, once the initial breaking of that barrier (ice breaker-more on that on point two) the same tools of seduction are used, but modified for the context of this stranger, at this bar, at this moment of time. Starting my novella was like that. I just started writing, after all, I can always revise, and revise more later. I just had to take the plunge and start pressing keys into coherent sentences and images.
  2. Clichés are overzealous dogs that always want to run when the writing door is         opened. They slip out in between the spaces of my words. It’s a beast trying to get them back into the house and away from the writing field. Yes, I know I started this post with a cliché, and there are hints of a few through out. It’s all part of my master plan. I think…
  3. I’m forty-one. I own my age. I wanted to be a writer since I was eleven. That’s a thirty years difference and in the interim technology has exponentially evolved. The internet is an awesome thing – encompassing the complete wonder and horror of the human mind. It is such a damn useful tool when writing. I often wonder if I should have started writing with this level of fervor and passion earlier, but the research aspect of it would have been triply more arduous. Now, nearly all knowledge, all images, all perspectives are at my fingertips in the immediate comforts of home. That’s pretty darn awesome.

I’m sure I’ll continue to have these larger observations about writing as I continue to write, write and write. I learn more about my writing style and the style of other authors as I continue down this windy, adventurous path of authorship.

Much like the beloved Disney character Dory, I just have to keep on writing, writing, writing to keep improving, improving, improving. Is that another cliché? Damn.

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