Hear my call

Sometimes a picture, a single moment caught in time, stirs profound and intimate connections within. I was flitting through my Twitter feed when I saw this picture and in me the mother wolf yawned, stretched and howled in return.

Mama Wolf

Follow me my young, hear my call in the wind, reverberating against the veined leaves of green.

My heart is yours, my voice honed through years of battle and drudgery. Hear my voice, my heart and learn all I have to yield before your young paws.

This life merits worth only upon the fur of your backs as you wander for yourselves through forests of richness, darkness, and light.

Hear my call, your mother’s call, the call of love and ferocity. I will unburden my soul, my knowledge into your mouths.

It is the kindling to your own soul’s fire. In my call, is the birth pangs of your own howls. Here my call, and claim your own. My sweet cubs.


*Thanks to Life on Earth ‏@planetepics*

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