The surreal rollcoaster of dreams.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Actually, I always wanted to have my voice heard by thousands. It started out with the adolescent dream of being a rock star with bright colored hair, leather and wicked awesome guitars. But, it was my voice, my words I wanted people moved by.

My dream is becoming more and more of a reality. It is a surreal roller coaster climbing up toward the pinnacle and shooting down at gravity heart pounding speeds. Up and down it goes and I am hanging on, screaming with exhilaration.

I’ve hired an artist to help design my website. We are discussing my personal symbols, ideas, and visions. I am throwing my voice out there in the ever expanding universe of the internet. It is a microcosm of the larger universe expanding and growing above our heads across the cosmos. And, I am becoming a part of that, throwing my voice out to thousands, and millions.

It is surreal. My dreams are now unfolding in a multi-complex web of connection. From childhood impulses, to inexplicable symbols I’ve adopted that represent the energies of my soul, to all that I have learned as a professional, mother, friend, daughter, and Christian.

All these things are no longer parading themselves just inside my head and soul. I’m letting them out into the light, into a virtual universe of humans own making. My inner dreams are surreally exiting in the exhilaration of a roller coaster of ups and downs; and my stomach is dropping, my hands are raised, and I am screaming with fright and delight.

*special thanks to for helping my voice have a visual place in the world*



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