Yesterday and today mark historic days for Europe and the world.

I have no idea how it is all going to work out. No one does. Political historians and strategist can project, speculate, and calculate, but they don’t really know.

What I do know is that in order for the United Kingdom to move forward, there needs to be unity. I pray for the great, ancient country to re-unify in the face of this massive schism in ideology and politics.

I pray that people take the time to think, really think, about the future of their country. We live in the age of the internet which is a wonderful and evil tool. Because of this tool, most of us expect immediate results to any action, political, social, or economic. We are in the age of immediacy. But the ramifications for this decision will take time to see if it was truly in the best interest of the nation. History must decide, and we are losing the ability to self-reflect and reflect on the arc of history.

Regardless, the majority carried an impassioned vote. It is time to listen to each other, truly listen with a compassionate heart and clear head. I pray that the United Kingdom can do that and move forward. Like a family who has been strained, and pulled in different directions, I hope they can reunite with commonality rather than remain estranged by ideologies.

When our own heated, decisive vote comes to a head in the U.S., I hope that we can do the same.

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