I’m a rock star…

I was at the yearly carnival that takes place just down the street from my house last night. Every year the screams, lights, and patron’s chatter stream through my windows. My two kids beg, plead, cry, and sap our weekly allowance dry because of the carnival.

Yesterday, as I waited for my kids to make their multiple trips through the Starship ride, my ears were flooded with my favorite 80s/90s rock n’roll hair band classics. The lights from the rides and the atmosphere brought me back to my teen years where my goal was to be a rock star. When I was eighteen I was going to go to Hollywood, with my guitar and my awesome songs, and make it big on the Sunset Strip. That dream only lasted about three years. From 11 to 14. After that, I wizened up. But, the impulse to be a rock star remained.

What is a rock star? To me it is being a rebel. Rebellious against society’s expectations of what is “good” behavior. Well, I am a middle aged mom of two kids and I am still a flippin’ rock star.

I am not on Pintrest, and I don’t try to make my children’s life magical at every turn. I refuse to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to Disney World, and I refuse to sign them up for multiple activities where we are booked everyday of the week. We go to church two Sundays a month and I make them ask questions with “May I’s” and “Pleases”.

I enjoy telling them “no”, and watching them struggle with the idea that life does not, nor will it ever, revolve around them.

I’m a rebel because I refuse to follow the current trends of so many parents across our American society. I was raised by hard working, hard talking, highly moral Eastern European immigrants. And guess what? I turned out pretty awesome and responsible. I am trying to instill those same values in my kids. I might be unpopular to them as they get older and cross over into the rebellious and irrational teenager years, but I’m not their friend. I won’t spend hours making specially designed cupcakes and thematically appropriate goody bags for their birthdays. I won’t worry about heaping praise upon their unmerited shoulders. I have my own ambitions, friends, and hopes.

They don’t have the mom that has thousands of pictures and ideas pinned, they have the mom that will love them fiercely, and will equip them with the tools of perseverance, hope, and discipline that will help them survive this world. I’m not the over scheduling mom, the one that tries to make their children perfect.

I am a rebel. I’m a flippin’ rock star.




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