Returning to the Blog

Life is filled with distractions. Some beautiful and necessary, like raising children. Some soul sapping and brain numbing, like spending too much time on social media, internet surfing and gossiping. Sometimes it is hard to prioritize which distractions are healthy, and which ones are not.

My writing is a distraction. A willful choice. One that supports the mental, and spiritually aspects of my being. So, in order to be healthy, I am reprioritizing the necessity of this blog.

I’m back.

It isn’t an easy thing to commit to. Like I said, I have children to raise, a career that needs tending, a marriage and interlocking familial obligations that need equal tending and weeding. Committing to the time necessary to sit and compose a blog (especially on a laptop too many years past its prime) takes a concentrated, guilt laden effort.

But, I know I can do it. Recently I pushed myself to meet a self-imposed deadline for my first novel. -Yes. I have written a novel. My first. Crazy that I can even type that. Crazy.-

I pushed myself. My time. My effort. I pushed and pushed, until it became an obsessive need to complete it. And I did it. Happy in the frenetic chaos of pushing myself to write.

It proved to me that when I really want to dedicate myself to my writing, when I have a laser, red-line focus on my target, that nothing can stop me. Besides, the healthy distractions/priorities of my life. *wink* I was still a mom, wife, and teacher. But, I was crazy in my ardor to finish that novel. Any moment free was spent on completing it.

So, I can do it. I can do this maddening, swirling dance of balancing writing, career, motherhood, and marriage. It is possible.

I stand before you, returning, with a little more passion and dedication in my writer’s step.


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