In response to Pink – true power

I’ve gotten an enormous amount of likes on Twitter in response to Pink’s recent post. My twitter response was “Love you, girl! You’re the best. True women power.” It has garnered 79 likes. Two responses have been somewhat negative with one person in particular posting a picture of Pink topless and the Tweet of “hypocrite” as its label.

I said true women power because women are more than just tits and ass. We are something more. Something beyond the comprehension most men can possibly fathom in their testosterone addled minds. We are goddesses, warriors, mothers, heroes, survivors, sisters, daughters, friends, and the list goes on and on.

And yes, some of us have great tits and ass. Some women can wield that power with strength and confidence. Kim Kardashian isn’t the first sexpot to use those assets for her benefit. Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Ann Margaret, etc…all proceeded her. I hold no ill will toward Kim or her sisters or any other woman who can work that particular magic. Good for them.

But, what does concern me, is that some woman, particularly young woman, define themselves solely by those physical assets. I have taught middle school for seventeen years, and I have seen girls hate their bodies, demean themselves, degrade themselves, and chase after boys who don’t respect them. I think Pink was referring to that type of “attention”. Woman are physically beautiful, but they are also soul beautiful. Dynamic creatures made up of countless particles of the universe. All woman are beautiful, no matter the color of their skin, the size of their hips or bellies, or the perkiness of their tits. Woman are so much more than the physical characteristics that attract our mates.

So, I applauded Pink’s posts because it is a reminder that we aren’t all sexpots. And, that is okay. More than ok. It should be applauded as much as the beautiful female figure. Woman should be celebrated for the unique qualities that make them capable of carrying the sorrows of the world, and still be able to care for their families and friends.

We don’t need that attention to define us. We are more than just that. We are beautiful creatures, deserving equal (if not more) respect on this ever revolving planet. I have said it many times to my friends. Men might keep the world moving forward, but woman keep that moving ball from exploding or imploding. It is the female energy of this planet that keeps it from spinning out of control and out of hope.!

Special note to the person who posted a topless picture – Pink has a nice pair of tits…and Kim has an amazing body. Thank goodness they are more than that. They are mothers, sisters, friends, and damn savvy business woman. Power to the woman!


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