What did YOU get for Valentine’s Day?

We had a lovely family Valentine’s Day gift. Lice. Yes, the evil little hair jockeys have found a home in the hair follicles of the whole family. It’s been a delightful twenty-four hours.

My husband and I didn’t have any plans at all for Valentine’s Day. There weren’t romantic dinner plans, tickets to go to Deadpool, talk of chocolates, jewelry, cards, or flowers. We are on a budget. A strict budget which is the product of my husband’s year and a half unemployment.

Even before the past two years my husband has never been a romantic type of man, especially on a holiday perpetrated by advertiser’s pressures to buy the perfect gift and keep the economy churning.

He isn’t that guy. Sometimes I wish he was, but it isn’t the man I married. We’ve had our ups and downs. Actually, that doesn’t even come close to the battles and wars we have waged together, separately, and as a family. The “ups and downs” of most marriages do not apply. But, we are still here, literally sitting on the couch together. Even though we have both contemplated divorce, in our own hearts and aloud, we are still plugging forward in a marriage built on a passionate love that has pushed the boundaries into unconditional love.

So if anyone asks me what my husband got for me on Valentine’s Day, I’ll tell them the truth. He combed through my hair looking for lice and knits while the sun was shining on my dark brown strands. Because marriage isn’t about the chocolates and romance, it’s about the pain and sickness that finds its way into partner-hood, there is great unconditional love, the one that isn’t motivated by money or material things, but by kindness.

My valentine picked lice and knits out of my hair. What did your valentine do for you?



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