The Psychology of being inspired by stupidity in the workplace

Great article! It’s all in perspective and self reflection.


Many of us seek role models. When we are children we look up to our parents, family members, teachers and maybe even the family dog.  I know my dog Milo inspired me with his tenaciousness.  Many, sadly, also look up to celebrities, including rock stars and football players when many of those said individuals just want to be famous or play a game. Not every “role model” aspires to be one. There are also very strange discussions around role models. A decade ago, I was talking to a coworker as I was trying to decide which type of PhD program to pursue. He then noted that his wife was a great person to talk to and seek advice from since she was “excellent with makeup”.

scooby doo

You have to choose your role models carefully. Perhaps it is not even correct to use the phrase role-model anymore. Basketball great, Charles Barkley, has stated that…

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