This coiling monster

Anxiety and fear are potent fodder for this coiling monster gripping my neck and strangling my wind pipe in its vise.

I’m a fairly rational and mellow person, but at times a swell of circumstances beyond my control suffocate me into a submissive kowtow position.

I’m prone now contemplating the ground pressing against the bridge of my nose. I hate the feeling of powerlessness, not only over the circumstances, but my own emotions. They run rampant inside my skull like hopped up costumed children after a Halloween binge.

All I can do is pray. Pray, and let go. It works for a short time. Then the swell of the rancid and powerful emotions of fear and anxiety choke me again. Then I pray and let go again. Then the onslaught comes again, then I pray and let go…it is the cycle of the current moment of my existence as I type these words. My way to exorcise this coiling monster from my skull.


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