Fire – a poem of contemplation


An instinctual attraction compels us to this force of wood consumed by fire;

Licking its outer shell slowly away, then crumbling its insides

In the process of life saving, life affirming heat.

 It mesmerizes.

It enchants.

It ignites the mind,

while keeping the corporeal warm.

 What ancestral stories were born from these forges?

What primordial characters whispered among the dying embers to the ancients that still echo across time to our own subconscious?

It is the sentinel of dreams and ancient things that dispels the modern with each puff of smoke –

A shaman’s clearing of the air of modernity and pretense revealing the primordiality that beats from each soul.

 Here we sit, willingly abandoning those modern mechanisms of home,

still yearning and bending our time, to encircle the fire,

to talk of little things and of great things,

to commune with the fire dancing before us and to feed the fire burning within us.


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