A Room with Only One View

If you live in Michgan, then you are familiar with the common phrase “going up north”. This refers to the beautiful, woodland and costal expanse of mid Michigan and northward. I went up north to visit my in-law’s in their cabin during July 4th weekend. They have this cute dollhouse covering up their well. My handy father-in-law built it over their reservoir.


My children love to play numerous make believe scenarios. July 4th was the ice cream parlor. We served the ice cream out of the small window fulfilling extraordinarily orders of high scoops of varying colors and flavors.

After my children returned to the cabin, I stopped to contemplate the view outside this tiny house and marveled at the simple beauty of the neighbor’s properties. The area is littered with deciduous and coniferous trees in a multitude of varieties. I looked out to where the road came in and then continued around the oval that defines the small suburb nestled between state land and private property.

FullSizeRender1 FullSizeRender2

I reveled in the silence and the view from my perch in this tiny, sheltered pump house.


The more I looked out this tiny window into my serene setting and allowed the salve to seep into my soul, the more my mind began to churn. I was experiencing the world through one window and one view. Even though the view is serene and lovely it doesn’t offer a complete experience of the world. It’s safe, secure, but ultimately can turn judgmental and narrow minded. If we only saw others and their worlds along only one stretch of their path, we wouldn’t nor couldn’t see the larger, longer journey – the proverbial big picture. We might be safe looking at the world through that one window. But we couldn’t’ see the true beauty and wonder of a wider, more complex, heart wrenching and heart glorifying world. So, wouldn’t you want to step away from your room with a view and see the larger road?


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