One of the hardest things to do is to let go of a person or situation. That doesn’t mean cut them out of my life. That means letting go of the need to control them or the outcome of their decisions. 

That means I have to let go of them and allow them the dignity of their own journey and decisions. This is my struggle now. I see the pain and pitfalls along these people’s journeys, but they aren’t willing to listen to me. So, God is telling me to let them go and continue on my journey. That journey is one that God has ordained for me only. I have to trust that the other people in my life will follow and join me in their own time, if ever.

It’s hard. I have to grieve the loss of their companionship, but still respect the limitations they are choosing for their lives. These limitations are their stubborn adherence to a way of thinking that isn’t mentally or spiritually healthy. But, it’s not my will and time. It’s God’s will and time. I just have to be obedient, shut up, let go and follow my own path.


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