The Lenten Journey Debrief

I have finally finished my Lenten journey through the exploration of the nine fruits of the spirit as listed in Galatians.

I have grown in a few areas along the way.

First, I have learned to abandon myself to my writing voice. As a novice blogger and baby self-published writer I often feel a dread of sending out my words to the public arena like a mother sending her child out to the world the first day of school. I had to surrender that fearful ego and allow myself to trust that whoever needs to hear my rambling message will hear it. My journey was between God and I. If you enjoyed it or were inspired, then I am grateful. Otherwise, it was a means for me to understand the Godly fruits of the spirit in my life.

Second, I was able to understand how God truly does influence the fruits of the spirit. The closer my relationship to the creator the stronger the evidence that the His fruits are being born in my life. The website I mentioned in my previous posts (Assemblies of God: Enrichment Journal) was extremely helpful in showing me the biblical connection to the fruits.

Thirdly, I was able to tap into these fruits as I continued on my Lenten journey. Before I wrote about them, I contemplated them, and fantasized about them. They became a part of my life in way that informed their presence and God’s presence. For that I am grateful.

I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my Lenten posts, even though I was slightly off with the counting of them. I hope everyone had a wonderful, and joy filled Easter.


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