New Year’s Resolutions – Bah Humbug.

New Year’s Day has arrived in its annual discarding of the old and heralding of prospects for a new year, and I say Bah Humbug to all of it.

In my earlier days, I welcomed the New Year’s Eve celebration with passion, excitement, and an immense need to usher it in with as much bravado as I could. I felt that it would be a game changer, a way to start fresh and be better than I was the year previous. I was brainwashed like millions of others around the globe in believing that one day would be able to do so much. It is a fairy tale delusion.

Don’t think me bitter, I am only much wiser than my previous self from a decade or so ago. There is something incredibly special about a day in which the entire inhabitants of this glorious and disturbed orb all celebrate a new year. Not all, but I would say a vast majority of the world recognizes the turning of one year to the next. In that regard, it is truly a monumental occurrence. But, it really means nothing more than a global dance party.

A single day cannot transform a life or erase a year. We don’t start fresh magically at midnight on a calendar constructed thousands of years ago and in which we have agreed, as a majority, on the delusion of controlling time.

Self-transformation or starting anew happens when our souls are prepared to shed unhealthy, constraining skin that no longer serves its purpose. There are multiple factors involved. Our own personal universe becomes a massive switchboard where only we can decide what dials are turned at precisely the right frequency and time to ignite change.  We alone have that power at any point in our lives when the universe’s circumstances and our own needs propel us forward to change. Anything else is external and arbitrary. It is a poor hope’s delusion.

Party on with the rest of the world on New Year’s Eve. But, real resolution to change takes time, circumstance, and an incredible willingness to self-examine one’s motivations. That is what 2014 gave me over and over again in my multiple New Years. My perspective on my life and on the world continues to grow and evolve in every widening circle of compassion and understanding. That is my continual renewing of my own personal years.

Have a wonderful and life altering new years in 2015.


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