How not to write a blog.

I started this blog as a means to wrangle those stray thoughts ricocheting around my head like a clowder of haphazard cats.

I didn’t actually know anything about blogging. I didn’t do any research on the internet, read other blogs to get ideas, or get a Dummies book on how to do it. I just did it.

I jumped in with both feet, like off of a dangerous cliff, with a deep breath, and a screw it attitude. I find that this method often works best for me when I approach any new venture riddled with the pitfalls of self-doubting fear.

I have finally done some research, and here are my thoughts about what I learned.

1. Post often. Like every day or twice a day. – With all do respect, I work full time and I am a mom full time. I post when I can sneak away from life, which right now is Winter Break.

2. Post about interesting things your readers want to read. – That’s fairly easy. I won’t be posting on how to become a better teacher, mom, daughter, friend, etc. Hell, I barely hold on a day to day basis. And, my holding on, isn’t terribly revolutionary out there in the blogosphere. There are more interesting writers to read on those topics.

3. Keep your blogs short – Sorry. I can’t do that sometimes. Because I don’t write daily, my blogs are sometimes past the magic number threshold.

4. Make money blogging. -I researched that and I can’t whore out my awakening writing skills for a profit. I JUST CAN’T. I think of Hannah in the show Girls, and I just can’t do it.

5. Carve out a niche and write about that. -I don’t really have a niche. I am not going to write a blog about cooking, travelling, reading, celebrities, teaching, mom-ing, etc. I can’t really think of a particular niche, or set of parameters, that I want to solely write about.

If I would have read some of the above advice, I would never have started this blog. I would have realized it wasn’t for me. But, I didn’t and now I am here approaching that 500 word imaginary line.

I will continue to blog what I feel moves me. I will wrangle words into my thoughts and write them here. And, maybe that is my blog. How to be a writer and follows one’s passion regardless of the daily, earth bound duties of career, parenthood and home.

The best advice about blogging I read was thank your readers and interact with them often. And, I haven’t done that. Partly because I am still in awe that I have followers.

So thank you for all the people that have followed me! And, thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for listening to my voice among the throng of hundreds of thousands…at 474 words.


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