A Birthday Letter

Dear Cousin,

What do I say to a lifetime of friendship, knowledge and memories that have passed between us like an immortal river, ever flowing?

I don’t remember a time without you in my life. You’ve been there with each dull passage of time, as well as each punctuated glory and heart wrenching sorrow.

You are the sister God gave me through the kinship of cousinhood and I am forever grateful for your ceaseless presence.

Even the future, with its shadowy tentacles, cannot obscure the fact that you’ll be somewhere there in its foggy promise.

You are so much to so many people. You are friend, sister, cousin, teacher, administrator, aunt and daughter. Yet these titles are just labels. They only reflect your tender heart, generous nature, quick wit, intelligence and trademark giggle.

You are lauded, celebrated, embraced, respected, admired and loved.

You are one in a few billion. I am forever grateful to call you cousin-friend and to be witness to that unique, brilliant light that you shine into this world.

Here is to another forty years filled with love, laughter, light and love.

God Bless, Your friend and cousin.


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