Freedom! – The joy of playing hooky

Today’s blog is brought to you buy me; a teacher-mother playing hooky. And, it feels damn good.

Carpe Diem. I’ve seized one of the days I have accrued in my sick bank. I needed it. I recommend everyone take a mental health day all to themselves. I have been doing this for quite a while and it is the reservoir from which I draw the nourishment needed to plunge forward in an otherwise duty filled life.

I’ve been playing hooky since my high school days where the elderly volunteer phone operators at my high school would take the phone calls from the student’s parents calling in sick. I would just assume an adult tone and call myself in sick. It was never questioned, because I didn’t do it often.

I still sneak away to the popular, suburban downtown city that I did in my teens years, then in my college years and now in my career years. This town and the coffee houses that have rotated in its streets have been my intellectual soul’s oasis from the tumult of my life. I escape, contemplate, read and write. I needed a day like this.

I highly recommend everyone take mental health break days. I do it to stop and pause and do things that bring me joy. If not, I wilt like a neglected plant on the window sill. Today, I stole away to refresh my soul, center myself and just be.

At 3:00 pm I will head home after a day full of writing, checking papers and reading. I will pick up my children and pretend like I have been at work all day. And in turn for my little truant lie, they will get a well rested, peaceful mother and my students will get some of their assignments checked. I think it is a win – win for everyone. Even if that means I have to sow a little white lie into the wind.

My recommendation: play a little hooky in your life. Refresh, regroup, and live!


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