To write or not to write…or when to write?

Here is my current conundrum. When do I make time to write? I am a full time working teacher with two little kids.

I run my household and keep up with the massive chores that a household entails.

I am never caught up with the incredible amounts of paper work that my teaching job entails. Never. I am blessed to be an English and Spanish teacher. English teacher = ugly amounts of papers to check.

I became a teacher to have a day job to pursue my true passion, writing. I am a good teacher. I am actually a natural at it. I know of course, like all professions, I could be an even greater teacher. I think everyone should feel that way concerning the profession that brings home the money. I do enjoy it too. But, it rules my world. I am NEVER caught up in either lesson planning, paper checking, and new government regulations.

I have been teaching sixteen years and I am NOW following that throbbing impulse to write. At the busiest time in my life, I feel the need to write. Maybe that is why, because it is the most hectic time of my life on this planet. I give and give and give in both my professional and personal life which leaves very little time for myself.

Do you want to know where I am writing this current blob? I am sitting in my hallway (where I get a better wifi connection), in my pajamas at 6:30 am on a Saturday, waiting for my coffee to finish brewing.

I should be using this time to wash the dishes in my sink, make a healthy breakfast or start on those literary essays and informative paragraphs from my 7th and 8th graders. Instead, I am choosing to write.

I have to learn a hard and fast truth about being a writer. There will ALWAYS be something that has to get done, chores to do, or paper work waiting for its red marks. I have to make the time to write.

I have to steal away moments where I can express myself in a literary way. Or else, my heart darkens and depression begins its seep into my mind. I walk around like a zombie rather than a woman with a fire in her heart, a passion.

I need to be like a closet drug addict. So when I am in the bedroom writing, my kids will ask, “What are you doing mom?” and I’ll respond, “Nothing, I’ll be there in a minute.” I need to keep my writer’s journal in my purse at all times and sneak it out when I have any amount of downtime versus skimming my twitter feed or catching up on celebrity gossip.

I have to remember why I started this blog. Writers write. It is that simple and that hard. I have to be an insatiable drug addict for the literary world: like being a crazy person sitting in a dark hallway, drinking coffee at 6:37am, typing while the dependents of my household sleep.

Writers write. That’s what we do. So, if anyone out there in the universe realizes that they haven’t heard from me in a few weeks, send me an email. Remind me to stop and write. The dishes can wait, there will always be papers to check, and there is always laundry. But, time is precious, so I need to get off my ass, and write that f****king book.

Special shout out to Joe Wilson @joewilsontv  -for being a constant reminder of the above and having a coffee mug to remind me “Write the F****King Book”. Check the mug out and his graphic novel at


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