Balancing Unbalance

Balance is such a peculiar concept. How does one balance a crazy, busy life?

This blog will not give you the answer. Hell, I don’t think there is a being alive that can give you the answer. A majority of people are walking around like a crazy Seuss character riding a bike on a tightrope with spinning plates on sticks in open palms. That is what I feel like many days of the week. I get a minor reprieve on my weekends. But, how does one balance a crazy life? I don’t think it is possible.

First, I am a mother trying to raise two energetic little kids. Second, I am a teacher trying to keep up with the crazy demands of my profession. Third, I am trying to find the time to be a writer before my own heart and head explode. Fourth, I need to exercise due to my physical limitations such as an arthritic lower back and bad hip. Fifth, I should eat healthier because that will help me with numbers 1-4. Sixth, I need my required sleep of 7-8 hours and meditate for my spiritual health.

Is the above all possible? NOPE. Let’s stop lying to ourselves that it is. Instead I manage my chaotic day like a demented triage nurse. I deal with what I can when it is in front of me. I find joy in the equally crazy girlfriends I rely on for mental, emotional, and spiritual support. I forgive myself when I fail and I tell myself I am doing the best I can with the resources that are available to me at that very moment.

Otherwise, screw it. I can’t be everything that the blogs or articles tell me I need to be or have to be. I function the best I can at any given moment with the best of my mental facilities.

That and I type here with a glass of wine in my hand…while I have the energy to write.

Tomorrow is another day when the chaos and the madness begin again. I mount that bike, start spinning those plates and off I go. I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have and that is pretty damn good.


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