The power, blessings of female friendships

I am incredibly blessed. INCREDIBLY BLESSED. I can not emphasize that enough in this limited format of words, and virtual platform.

Why am I blessed? I have amazing girlfriends.

The world often tries, in its limited capacity, to make women into piranhas. That given enough blood in the water we would eat each other alive out of sheer necessity of nature. I have not experienced this unless it is coming from women outside of my circle of friends, and I’m oblivious.

I am blessed because my circle of female friendships have sustained me, encouraged me, loved me, embraced me and empathized with me. They have been the ones in my life that have shown me that human nature is infinitely kind and compassionate.

I have not had the easiest upbringing or been fortunate in my lovers. But, in my girlfriends I have been blessed. God has given me sisters in spirit along life’s journey that have held my hand, and whispered words of timely comfort when the rest of the world has savagely raged around me. It is in them that I see the light of God’s love and compassion for me. And, do you know the greater joy? That I have been there for them as well in their time of need. Between us is the solidification of trust and loyalty born of mutual battles in the arena of life. 

I’ve said it numerous times. Men might push the word forward in a ball of energy, but women keep life from imploding or exploding. Men have the drive, the force and power in this word, but without woman to maintain that force in a spherical shape it would break apart like a rolling mess of snow trying to make itself into a snowman.

I am not a piranha, nor a frenemy. I am blessed to have the sustaining force of womanhood in a circle of like minded sisters whom I love. They share and bear with me the burdens of life . I AM BLESSED.


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