Death is a powerful stimulant in becoming philosophical.

A friend of mine from work whom I have known for nearly a decade passed away early morning Monday. He was only in his mid-forties. He was too young to be cancer’s victim and too young to leave behind his two elementary school age sons.

His death has prompted many of his friends and colleagues to contemplate mortality. Our own and the general nature of man’s. Our ability to contemplate our own life and the significance of our life and death is the distinguishing factor that separates us from animals. It is what makes us human.

I’ve always been fascinated on how people react to death. There is a beautiful scene in one of #Akira Kurosawa’s movies titled Dreams. It is a scene where there is a grand celebration when an elderly person dies. One of the celebrators explains the significance to the bystander. I’m loosely paraphrasing here, but it is what I remember that is significant. He tells the bystander that they celebrate joyously the life the person lived and what they contributed to the community. They did this with dancing and music. But, as he explains, when a young person dies they mourn the life.

It really is a beautiful scene and the impression of it lingers in my mind like a dream itself. I have studied the supernatural since I was a young teenager and I have no doubt that there is an afterlife. So, for me, life and death are intimately connected. Its a door into another phase of existence. Yes, it is frightening. But, when my time comes to cross the threshold of flesh, will I be willing or terrified? Will I embrace the biological change like a butterfly’s metamorphosis or will I be like my uncle who died of a brain tumor? He told my father that he felt like dog dying pathetically alone. Will I feel like that or will I feel that Grace that only God gives in moments of extreme emotional crisis?

I’m not sure. All I do know is that I must be grateful for the moments I do have until my final moment. I leave you all with this thought that came to me today inspired by a #tweet.

Live in the moment before your moments are numbered, and then gone.-


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