Starting something new

We all reach a point in our lives when we decide to embark on a different path. Some have the opportunity and the courage to begin many paths. This is a new path for me. Actually, it isn’t a new path. It is a rebirth of embarking on a path I had to abandon due to God’s other plans for me. God brought me along a different path first, but brought me to the same place I am now. But first I was taken on a winding, dark, and treacherous one. It was on this path set before me by God that has rekindled my passion for my current path. If all of this is too abstract, I hope you can forgive me. I am in hiding along this path, wearing a different mask than I wear in my everyday life. But, the mask I wear here is truer to the resonance of my soul. I hope you find some enjoyment in it. My truer hope is that you find a reflection of yourself in my words and through this internet space you can see that none of us is alone in the universe. God’s grace and blessings to you.


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